I Tried The Original Makeup Eraser

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I had heard of makeup removing towels before but never tried one! Here’s my The Original Makeup Eraser review. The post does contain affiliate links so if you’d like to buy one for yourself I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

*Note as of Feb. 2021: As I prepare to take a little time off for baby #2 I’m re-sharing some older posts for the next few weeks. Enjoy!*

Here’s how most of my nights go: After I get Indy to bed, we eat dinner, then I work or watch TV on the couch until I’m past the point of being tired and then I continue to sit on the couch because I don’t want to get up and get ready for bed. I’ll just keep sitting and prolong the process as long as possible. Why is the act of going to bed such a chore? (Perhaps I should start taking off my makeup and changing into my pajamas around 5 and then I’ll be all set!) :)

It’s not that my nighttime routine is so complicated or takes so long, I’m just annoyed that I’m not in bed AT THAT EXACT MOMENT. I don’t want to brush my teeth, take off my eye makeup, cleanse my face with Micellar water or another cleanser. Dry it off, put on some sort of miracle night cream that will reverse the aging process. Ugh, I’m done at this point. 

A few months back I received a mini “makeup eraser” in one of my Allure Beauty Boxes to try. I had heard these were great products but I just set it aside and forgot about it. Fast forward to my birthday a few weeks back and Brent got me one of the full-size makeup erasers and I figured I’d finally give it a shot.

The Original Makeup Eraser Review

the original makeup eraser

What it is

A small towel used to remove makeup, including waterproof mascara, lipstick, foundation, etc. It’s reusable and machine washable.

How it works

After running it through the washer and dryer (throw it in with a load of towels), the towel is ready to use. This “activates” the fibers. When you’re ready to use it, just soak it in warm water, I run it under the sink for a bit, and start to erase!

One side of the towel has short fibers meant to gently erase makeup, use this side first. The other side has longer fibers (the side with the tag) and it’s mean to exfoliate. 

makeup eraser

Throw it back in the washing machine after you’d used it for a few days and it’s good as new!

But does the makeup eraser work?

Yes! I don’t have to mess with any other bottles or cleansers, I just turn on the sink and wet the towel really well before gently wiping off my makeup. The longest part of the process is waiting for the water to warm up in the sink!

While I could see the makeup coming off on the towel I wanted to know if it was really all coming off. I used a cotton pad with micellar water to go over my face and sure enough, my makeup was gone!

original makeup eraser - makeup removing towel
Several days worth of eye makeup, etc. :)


Two enthusiastic thumbs up on this one. It’s so quick to clean my face at bedtime now and this is also great for traveling (I don’t have to take any extra cleansers with me!). I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about the tons of cotton pads I was going through each week to remove my makeup and I like that I’ve got a reusable option now that works great.

Between the full-sized pink one I have and the mini-sized black one, I haven’t run into many issues of not having one ready to use (I am also doing lots of laundry during the week), I would think having two of them (or three) would mean you’ve always got one to use while one’s being washed. You can grab one (or two) here

Have you tried one of these? I know there are some other similar products out there (this is the “original” one), but I’d love to hear your experience too! I hope this makeup eraser review helps you decide if it’s something you want to try for yourself! 

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makeup eraser review

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