How to Apply Magnetic Lashes (including video!)

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Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was just as thrilling as mine was, which to say, it was not. :) I did spend a little downtime relaxing, and even got in a quick nap or two! Oh, and I put together this post, so, you’re welcome. :) Which brings us to now – if you’ve been wondering how to apply magnetic lashes, or even why you’d want to do it, this post is for you!

Video tutorial on how to apply magnetic lashes on JK Style #beautyreview #magneticlashes #beautyvideo #ardellbeauty

As someone who has very little expierence with false eyelashes, I thought it would be fun to try out a pair of the magnetic lashes I keep seeing in stores. I grabbed a pair from Ulta Beauty and thought I’d record my experience using them so you all could see how easy they are for a NON-pro to apply! (And I cannot emphasize enough how much of a NON-pro I am!!)

Here are the lashes I bought, the Ardell Professional Magnetic Accents. (They also sell some different variations on the magnetic lashes, along with lots of other traditional false lashes.)

how to apply magnetic lashes - Ardell Magnetic Accents - JK Style

And here’s me trying them out!

how to apply magnetic lashes - JK Style

In the video I mention that you can buy the Ardell Professional lashes at drugstores. Checking out their website it looks like they’re available at Ulta Beauty, CVS, Walgreens, and Sally’s.

A few tips:
  1. If the box instructions don’t work for you (place top lashes first, etc.), experiment! Try the bottom lashes first, try them at the same time, whatever! There are also LOTS of videos online for false lashes, I imagine application for regular falsies might be somewhat similar!
  2. I tried these later on my bare lashes and it was much harder to apply. I think mascara gives you a little something to grab onto. I’d recommend a layer or two before applying the magnetic lashes.
  3. Make sure you disconnect the magnets before you pull them off! Don’t risk losing your actual lashes in the removal process!

And here are a few magnetic lash options I found. Let me know if try a pair and what you think of them!

how to apply magnetic lashes - JK Style

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  1. Felicia C. says:

    Thank you for this video! My Facebook feed kept showing a sponsored ad for expensive magnetic eyelashes. I remembered that you had a link on Instagram for a video. After watching your video, you make it look so easy! Plus, now I know where to buy an inexpensive set. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad it helped you! It was really a lot easier than I expected, but I will have to try them again to see if my luck is just as good! :)

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