How to Hide Redness with Green Concealer

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I’m one of the lucky people in the world who have tiny broken capillaries around their nose. Awesome, right? Once I found out how to not make it worse, I still wanted to try to hide it a little better. While regular concealer helps some, as with any redness you try to hide – whether it’s from acne, scars or sunburn, beige or brown concealer can only help a little bit before the redness shows through. I finally remembered a product I used back in college and can’t figure out why I stopped keeping it on hand! Green concealer to the rescue!

Green Concealer

Before you question my sanity and wonder how putting green stuff on my skin could make it less noticeable, think back to what you know about the color wheel:

green concealer color wheel

Notice how red and green are on opposite sides? This is why green concealer will help neutralize redness on your skin! (But for the same reasons you wouldn’t want to use it to hide dark circles under eyes – that wouldn’t work!)

Green Concealer 2

I dab a little green on the sides of my nose and then add a tiny bit of regular concealer on top. The results using the green concealer and regular concealer versus just a regular concealer are very noticeable! If you’ve got any kind of redness on your face you’d like to try to hide I’d recommend it! A few different brands (including what I use!):

green concealer options

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Have a beauty product that’s a favorite? Tell me about it!

Originally published May 31, 2016

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