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One thing I’d really like to accomplish year is to actually learn to apply my makeup correctly. I feel sometimes like I’m just kind of rubbing it onto my face and have never really learned the proper techniques, or the proper tools, to have a really great finish.  I’ve never been big on watching YouTube videos (with the exception of Charlie biting fingers, etc. of course), but have recently been finding some really helpful videos. If nothing else, it’s kind of cool to see what people can do with makeup!  A few of my recent favorites:
  • Birchbox Lo Bosworth Holiday Party Tutorial – I’ve watched this a couple times now and it’s a really easy and doable routine!
  • Smokey Cat Eye – I have never achieved a really great smokey eye OR cat eye, so this was fun to watch! Not an “every day” look for sure (for me, anyway), but still really cool to see how she does it!
  • Michelle Phan – Last, but certainly not least, Michelle is THE one to watch for makeup tutorials! (She’s got over 7 million subscribers to her YouTube channel for a reason.) She’s pretty awesome and covers everything from every day looks to costume type looks, to tutorials on how to get the makeup looks of Cara Delevingneand Angelina Jolie. You can watch her stuff for hours!
Have a favorite one to watch for makeup tutorials? Share!! I need all the help I can get!

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