JK Style DIY: Pore Strips

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Out of the 4,850 things I’ve “pinned” on Pinterest (that’s the exact total at the moment) about how many of those recipes and projects have I actually attempted? Maybe 20? That may be generous. Who has time to actually make that stuff, right? I finally attempted a variation on one little DIY I had re-pinned a few times and was really happy with the results?  My DIY? Pore strips.

You’ve seen pore strips in stores, and maybe even bought them before. I remember when these came out, it was such a big deal! Finally, something to get rid of blackheads! And the fact that you could actually see what you were removing was both disgusting and exhilarating. 

biore pore strips


And now instead of shelling out $10 a box, I can make my own at home using just 2 ingredients! Yep. 2. All you need is a box of gelatin (unflavored) and some milk.

diy pore strips

  • Take 1 Tablespoon of gelatin and add it to 2 Tablespoons of milk and mix together.
  • Heat in the microwave for no more than 10 seconds. (It will get hot fast!)
  • Make sure it’s not too hot and spread over freshly washed nose, chin, and forehead.
  • Leave it on about 15 minutes and then simply peel it off. Go ahead and wash your face to get rid of any residue. 

**Just a little tip. Do NOT get too close to your eyebrows.  Let’s just say the last time I had my makeup done, the lady doing it said, “Did you know that one eyebrow has a much higher arch than the other?” Yes, yes I did.**

***Another note: This is not the most pleasant smelling stuff.  Not unbearable, but not pleasant. Still worth it.***

Now sit back and enjoy your soft skin. Just watch out for those eyebrows.

Any DIY beauty products you love? Leave me a comment and share!

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