Dashing Diva Nail Strips Review

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On the hunt for the best products for an at-home manicure? Today I’m reviewing my experience with Dashing Diva Nail Strips. (I purchased them myself, just FYI!)

As someone who doesn’t get many professional manicures (maybe once every few years), I do like to have my nails painted. Though since Indy’s been born I don’t do it as often. I guess I use my hands more than I use to so it seems like my color chips much quicker and then I’m that person with badly chipped nails who can’t remember to take it off. (Hey, there are worse people to be.)

With nail strips and stickers becoming more popular lately I thought I’d try out some different kinds to see if there are some that last longer and are worth buying. 

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I’ve recently shared my experience with Color Street (it was a good one) and wanted to now try a drug store brand like Dashing Diva. Here’s my experience with it!

Dashing Diva Nail Strips

Dashing Diva Nail Strips review - JK Style

Gleam Queen 

I bought packages for my mom and I to try for Mother’s Day and we had different experiences with that first application. My mom loved it and I thought they were hard to apply and didn’t stick well. BUT. I didn’t follow the instructions. (Oops.) 

I tried them again with doing it correctly and now I love them!

How to apply the nail strips:

1. Read the package instructions. (Duh, right?) The first thing to do is clean your nails with alcohol. THIS IS THE STEP I SKIPPED THE FIRST TIME. Don’t do that. It really made a HUGE difference on my next application.

2. Choose the size that fits your nails best. There are 34 strips in a package so you’ve got plenty to choose from. (And can definitely get a few manicures out of a package!)

3. Apply the nail and press/hold down to secure and smooth. 

4. Use one side of the file to trim the excess. Use the other side of the file to smooth. 

That’s it!

Here are my nails after applying them:

dashing diva nail sticker review -JK Style

There were a few tiny places that I didn’t get smoothed perfectly but I didn’t mind. (I mean, where am I even going for people to see them?)

dashing diva nail sticker review - JK Style

It’s now been two weeks since I put them on and while there is a bit of wear and tear they still look pretty great!

After two weeks:

nail sticker review
Next time I should put the laundry away before photos. :)

On a few nails there are places the strips has pulled up or chipped but it wouldn’t be enough for me to remove them or even notice if I wasn’t looking so closely.

Up close: 

nail stickers Dashing Diva
You can see some chips and ridges have formed when you look up close. Probably not enough damage for me to remove them just yet!

I kind of want to change them out just to try something new but feel like I shouldn’t waste good nails still. :)

Things I like about these nail stickers:

  • There are cool designs to mix and match in each package. On this second manicure I thought I had already used all the marbled strips but of course I found them after I finished. :)
  • They’re easy to remove. The package instructions say to use a drop of polish remover on them before taking off but honestly? I just peeled them off last time and they were fine. (That’s probably not the best way but I didn’t have any issue/damage. They just peeled off like a sticker!)
  • They’re cheap! Other nail strips or stickers I’ve tried were between $10-$15, these are $7.99 at Ulta Beauty, and $6.99 at Target
  • You get 34 strips in a package – 22 base color, 3 accents with 4 strips a piece. You also get a nail file.
  • They have a lot of different designs to pick from, like these:

dashing diva nail strips

From left: Feeling Flush, Blue Vixen, Rose Sparkle, and Desert Quartz

I also just took a quick peak at my new Allure Beauty Box for this month and there was a set inside there which I’m pretty excited about! 

How do they compare to Color Street? 

  • The material is thicker than Color Street so they have a little more stretch to them.
  • They had a few more bubbles and places I didn’t get smoothed than Color Street. But I also didn’t try super hard. 
  • I’ve only tried the Color Street strips for a week and the wear and tear was similar to what I experienced after two weeks with Dashing Diva strips. Dashing Diva lasted longer for me.
  • Color Street is more expensive at between $11-$13 a set
  • Most Color Street nails only include one design in a package though a few come with two coordinating designs. 

Nothing against Color Street, I still think it’s a good product, but I think personally feel the Dashing Diva nails strips give me more of what I’m after – more design options, cheaper price point, and a little more durability. 

So will I try Dashing Diva nail strips again? Definitely. In fact, I think I might go order a couple more sets now! :)

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Dashing Diva nail strips review - JK Style

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  1. Kathy Ruffino says:

    Hi do you have any free samples I can try before I buy

    1. Hi Kathy, I don’t sell these products myself, just something I’ve tried! These nail strips can be found at most drug stores.

  2. Connie Jimenez says:

    I have bought those nails before I love the colors, but I can’t keep the tips from coming up!

    1. Gloria Valadez says:

      I have tried Color Street loved them so much I became a Stylist. I think they are great. I tried Dashing Diva strips and didn’t care for them. I think Color Street went on so smooth. Of course it took me a couple of times to learn how to apply correctly. I wouldn’t wear anything else after CS.

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