So…Color Street. Let’s talk.

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This Color Street review is brought to you entirely by me! I wanted to try them out and give an honest review. 

Didn’t really intend to only post once last week but that’s all mentally I could handle. Ugh. I know you all can relate to the ups and downs of life right now. One minute things seem normal-ish and the next I don’t want to move off the couch. Today though, I’m here. We’ll see how things go this week. No promises. :)

I mentioned recently that I was going to try Color Street as part of a follow-up to a Splendry review we did. I tried the nails and you know what? They really did well.

It’s kind of hard to tell in this photo but the color is “London Calling”, a really pretty deep burgundy shade. 

Color Street review They were pretty easy to apply even though I think I could have done it a little better. I guess practice will make perfect though.

Color Street Review
The pink is a Sally Hansen polish

I applied these on a Monday and Tuesday I decided to start staining our house, so that’s a pretty good test, right? Between house staining, regular life stuff and washing my hands a lot (a LOT these days!), they really looked pretty good. 

By the time the next Monday rolled around the other nails (painted with regular polish) were all chipping quite a bit and the Color Street nails still looked pretty decent. Decent enough that I wouldn’t have worried about touching them up with polish or needing to remove them. I’d say that’s pretty good!

Color Street Review

Am I going exclusively to Color Street for my nails? Probably not just yet. (Actually I’m super excited to try this new line of nail polish I got recently from Target!) But will I continue to use them sometimes? Sure! I really think it’s a good product and I think I’ll try them again sometime soon. I’m curious to do both hands entirely of polish AND try a top coat on top to see how they last! 

Have you tried Color Street? What was your experience like? 

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