Bling Bomb Review

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I mentioned in my Friday Favorites that Brent had bought me a Bling Bomb (I think he found it at Target). I had never heard of this particular brand but am always excited about new bath products! (You might remember I take a LOT of baths!) I put it to the test yesterday and thought I’d share my experience with you!

A review of a Bling Bomb bath fizzer on JK Style

This bath fizzer not only smelled delicious (my skin still smells so good!), it had a surprise inside! I had no idea what to expect!

Bling Bomb bath fizzer review instructions on JK Style

So, I hopped into the bath and well, documented the dissolving of the bath fizzer, as one does. :)

Bling Bomb bath fizzer on JK Style

It looks like an ordinary bath fizzer…

Dissolving Bling Bomb bath fizzer JK Style

And then it started dissolving into the water, growing smaller…

Bling Bomb bath fizzer dissolving

…and smaller, until finally:

Bling Bomb bath fizzer review surprise on JK Style

A little blue jewel was inside!

The surprise inside my Bling Bomb bath fizzer - JK Style

I thought it was fun and now I want to try the other bath fizzers from Da Bomb Fizzers – they have 17 different ones listed on their website right now!

Bath fizzers from Da Bomb Bath Fizzers

Each bath fizzer sells for $7.50 BUT they’ve also got a “Whoops” page on their online shop where you can buy an “oddball” bath fizzer for just $4! It might be missing a surprise inside, have the wrong scent, be discontinued, etc. Either way, their mistake is our gain! I think I’ll be stocking up on these!

If you decide to try them out, let me know! AND since you’re already here, don’t forget to enter the Valentine’s Day Giveaway before it ends!

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  1. Bath bombs are my favorite!! So excited to try these!

  2. Those look so cool!! Definitely trying them soon. I’ve never heard of them before!

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