The Best Under Eye Products for Dark Circles and Puffiness

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A friend messaged me through Instagram this week asking for recommendations on the best under eye products and while I did have a couple of things I’ve tried, I also posed the question to the Facebook page to see what others were using too! I figured I’d compile all our answers here so I could add links and share more too. 

The question was specifically about a good treatment for dark circles under eyes and something to help with puffiness. I haven’t used a ton of under eye products (I guess I’ve just been using concealer to hide my sleepiness), but here are a few things I’ve used and few you’ve recommended too.

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The Best Under Eye Products

best under eye products

Nuria Defend Triple Action Eye Cream ($15-$40)

I got this in my August Allure Beauty Box and I figured I might as well try it! I’ve been using it for a couple of months consistently now and while I haven’t noticed any huge changes, I’ve really been using it more proactively to prevent wrinkles. :)

Pixi DetoxifEYE ($24)

These are gel patches that Pixi sent me a while back and I have been using them on mornings I look a little extra tired. I do feel like they really moisturize and help me look more awake. These are supposed to help with dark circles too, but again, I haven’t noticed too many issues with that so I can’t speak to how well it works. 

Here’s a photo of me wearing the eye patches backwards. Oops. 

Along with some other random eye gel patches, those are the ones I’ve consistently tried. Here are a few others I know of from reviews in magazines and websites:

CereVe Eye Repair Cream ($11-16)

This is a highly rated cream that uses hyaluronic acid, ceramides and a skin-lightening agent (niacinamide) to help with dark shadows. I have used other CereVe products (like this one that’s a dupe for a $128 face cream) and have liked them. You can also get it at places like Target, so that’s a bonus too!

Olehenriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream ($39)

This one has been so highly rated but I haven’t tried it myself. (It’s got TONS of great reviews on Sephora’s site. It’s got a mix of Vitamin C that helps with hyperpigmentation and brightening and is supposed to really help with shadows. When I mentioned this one in my Facebook comments, my friend Annie who is a makeup artist and esthetician said she uses this, BUT that there have been some people have reactions to it and that it might end up being reformulated. Good to know!

And what does Annie recommend for dark circles and puffiness? Tons of water and sleep! I told her the person who asked for recommendations has young kids, so sleep might not be an option right now. :)

And here are some of the under eye products you recommended:

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks ($25 for 3 pairs)

Michelle said these eye masks are amazing. First, naming them “Baggage Claim” is hilarious and I want to buy them just for that genius name. There are six eye masks in this box and they’ve got lots of nourishing and hydrating ingredients. According to their reviews on Sephora’s site people are loving them for dark circles.

Mary Kay Hydrogel Eye Patches ($40 for 30 pairs)

Kristi recommended these eye patches that hydrate, soothe, cool, and depuff. I haven’t used any Mary Kay products other than their mascara, so I can’t speak for these, but let me know if you’ve tried them.

L’Oreal Youth Code Dark Spot Corrector ($18)

Ellen said that she started using this on a dark spot on her forehead and that it worked so quickly that she started putting it under her eyes too and that it works FAST. That sounds good to me!

Those were your recommendations and I just remembered another one that I have too. An ice roller!

ESARORA Ice Roller

Brent got me this for my birthday and while I was excited about it, I now wonder if he was trying to tell me something, ha! But really, this is supposed to be great for face and eye puffiness, headaches, and even applying skin care products. This is also on pretty much every beauty “must-have” list. I even include it in my list of life-changing self-care products

This thing will WAKE YOU UP. I mean, you’re basically rolling ice on your face which sounds kind of miserable but it’s really not bad. I keep it in the freezer and just roll it across my skin as a quick wake up call. Remember the old advice of keeping spoons in the freezer to put on puffy eyes? This is like that but covers your whole face! I haven’t tried using it with any products or for headache relief yet, though I’m sure I’ll end up doing both. 

That’s what I’ve got! What do you think are the best under eye products? Tell me!

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