Beauty Keeper: The Beauty App You Didn’t Know You Needed (But You Totally Do)

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I mentioned in Monday’s post that I had done a bit of a clean out of my bedroom and master bathroom. I had LOTS of stuff to toss and things are well on their way to maybe being kind of organized and manageable.

Look I don’t need to Marie Kondo-things at this point as much as I just need to make things liveable. Then we can talk about “tidying up”. :)

Anyway. Back to the point.

I’m just going to assume your bathroom cabinet and counter is like mine. Full of beauty products and samples. Things you use regularly, things you want to try, things you tried once and didn’t love but didn’t hate so you still have it, etc.

Which leads to having cabinets full of so many products!

My main issue is not remembering how long I’ve had something and it not having one of those little signs on the tube/tub/bottle telling you to toss if after six months or as year.

I don’t just want throw out stuff that might be still good. But I also don’t know if it’s actually good, so I don’t use it. Makes perfect sense!

I grabbed a few jars of face masks that had no expiration date (and I had no memory of their purchase date) and googled the brand to see if they had info on the product shelf life. THEY DID. And it was in the suggestion to download an app that could tell you!

beauty keeper beauty app - JK Style

I downloaded the Beauty Keeper App and if you have any number of products you’re not sure about, you MUST download it too! Add to this to your list of best beauty apps!

beauty keeper beauty app - JK Style

All you do is search by brand and then enter the lot #, found printed on the bottle.

beauty keeper beauty app - JK Style

beauty keeper beauty app - JK Style
Ignore my chipped polish. :)

Enter the # and it will tell you what the shelf life is! (I did have to try different numbers if I wasn’t sure which was the lot #!)

beauty keeper beauty app - JK Style

And that lotion went in the trash. :) As did the night serum I had been using (and thinking it wasn’t really doing anything) which had expired at the end of 2017. Oops. Well, at least I know now! :)

This app is free to download and you get a certain # of searches for free (10, I think) but you can get unlimited searches for $1.99, which is what I did. I know I’ll be using it a lot! (I only made it through my bathroom cabinet, I haven’t hit my beauty sample boxes yet!)

It’s definitely worth checking out and you can see if it even has the brands you use. It probably had 75% of the products I scanned and I imagine they add more all the time.

The app also has places for you to save products and it will alert you when they’re about to expire!

If you get it, or another app that helps you out, let me know!

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