5 Beauty Products I Just Tried

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I thought I’d drop by here today to give you some quick little reviews of things I’ve tried lately. Some I’ve loved, some were OK, some weren’t worth it at all!

Some of these are items I’ve received in beauty subscription boxes and some are things I’ve purchased on my own just to try. I thought it might be helpful in case you’re doing a little shopping of your own. :)

beauty products i tried

This post does contain affiliate links, so if you want to try something I’ve reviewed below and use my link to purchase, I may earn a commission, at no cost to you.

Here are 5 things I’ve just tried:

1. Kitsch Towel Scrunchies

Kitsch Towel Scrunchies

I was going to purchase something on Ulta Beauty the other day and needed a few more dollars to hit the free shipping mark. These hair scrunchies caught my eye and I thought it would be worth checking out.

Kitsch Towel Scrunchies review

They come in a pack of two and you use them out of the shower (or after the gym, pool, etc.), on wet hair. Instead of wrapping my head in a towel this morning like I normally do for a few minutes, I put my hair in a quick little bun and wrapped one of these scrunchies around a couple of times. 

I then did my makeup and a couple of other things before drying my hair and you know what? They really did help my hair dry faster. Instead of spending 6-7 minutes with my hair dryer (that’s after it air drys for a while) I was done in about 3, which is suuuuuper appealing to me. (I hate drying my hair!)

This was a definite product win!


2. Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment 

This came in my last Allure Beauty Box and I gave it a try this morning. I’ve used other redness-correcting products before but this was a little different. Normally, I’ll use a green concealer stick to neutralize the redness and then use some regular concealer to cover the green a little. 

dr jart cicapair tiger grass color correcting treatment

This product goes on green, but then dries in a nude shade, which was pretty cool. It also has spf in it, so another bonus. This sells for $18 for a small tub and $52 for a large and if I continue to use the small tub and feel like it lasts a bit I could see myself purchasing it in the future.

Another product win.


3. R & Co Waterfall Moisture & Shine Lotion

This came in the spring Rachel Zoe Box of Style and I’ve been using it regularly. You know, when I wash my hair *maybe* twice a week. :)

r&co waterfall moisture shine lotion

I like this and it smells really good but don’t know that I see enough of a change/difference that I’d buy it again. It’s worth noting that my hair is already pretty smooth (and super straight) on its own so it might be more noticeable for someone with more of a frizz-issue. 

Liked it, but probably won’t re-buy.


4. Purlisse Watermelon Energizing Sheet Mask 

purlisse watermelon energizing sheet mask

Another item that came in a subscription box (also in last month’s Allure), I used this one right away and would try it again. It smelled great and gave my skin a nice glow. I felt like I looked less tired after using, so that’s always a sign of a repeat-buy for me. 

I’d buy this again!


5. StarSkin Exfoliating Foot Mask

starskin foot mask

I put this foot mask on last Saturday and expected to see results in 5-7 days (per the package). On day 7 I took a bath and noticed lots of dead skin coming off my feet which was great (and gross), but then nothing after that. 

Warning, gross foot picture ahead:

It started coming off, but then just kind of stopped.

I’ve tried another foot mask before that seemed to do a better job so I think I’d opt for that one again. Or this TonyMoly one I just gifted myself for Mother’s Day. :)

Eh, it worked but I wanted it to work better. 

So, those are a few of the beauty products I’ve tried recently. I could probably write a post like this every couple of weeks, especially in light of quarantine-shopping. :) 

Have your own hits and misses to share? Please do! Tell me what you loved, what worked, and what isn’t worth your time or money!

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beauty products i've tried

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