Beach Trips and Tuesday Tips

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12 days, 3 states, 2 beaches, lots of friends and family and approximately 46 mosquito bites later, I am home!

I had a fantastic couple of week so vacation, but I’m so glad to be back! I spent five days in Gulf Shores, Alabama on the beach with some friends and then headed to the beach in Galveston for another five days for a family reunion.  

Gulf Shores
Gulf Shores


How I spent my time in Gulf Shores:

gulf shores vogue

Can life get much better than that?

And then there was Galveston. Poor, poor Galveston.



Not quite the same view. They’ve had horrible issues with seaweed this year, it was crazy to see (and smell). However, it didn’t seem to affect the fun had on the beach! 

And now to the important stuff- the beauty products I took, used, and loved!

So lots of time in the sun definitely calls for lots of sunscreen. I bought Neutrogena beach defense in SPF 30 and really loved it! It smells great and after 12 days in the sun, I managed to avoid sunburn!

neutrogena beach defense



For my face, I stuck with my samples of Supergoop! sunscreen that came from Birchbox. It’s really lightweight and wasn’t greasy at all. This will definitely be purchased again when I’m out.

supergoop sunscreen


So much sun can definitely be drying of your lips, but this Arbonne Lip Saver Sunscreen did the job of keeping my lips moisturized and protected.

arbonne lip saver


As for my hair? I took the Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray I received in one of the last Birchboxes I received and I’m definitely a fan! After a day on the beach it was great to wash my hair, add some spray and twist into a bun to dry. I was left with full wavy hair and loved it!! My hair never looks like that so I actually had to take a picture to document this momentous occasion.  It may not look like much, but I promise you, for me, this hint of waviness is a big, big thing.

marc anthony dream waves spray


Forgive the lack of makeup, it’s kind of pointless when it’s over 90 with 70% humidity and your daily activities involve reading and napping.

I had a great trip, but as always, there’s no place like home! Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your skin and hair healthy and beautiful while in the sun? Share!

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