Friday Favorites

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We’ve made it to Friday, which is reason enough to celebrate, right? I give you my permission to do some shopping this weekend. You’re welcome!
My favorites this week:
1. #LillyforTarget
Forget Kim K., I’m pretty sure Lilly Pulitzer for Target broke the Internet this week. I was up early Sunday morning and saw lots of girls in line at Target on my Instagram feed! And many others were mad because the Target website had crashed!


I had to make a Target run on Sunday afternoon and everything had been gone for hours at this point! A Target worker told me that the store in Yukon had a line of about 35 girls waiting to get in that morning. Everything was gone in a matter of minutes. And I can only assume if things were like that in Yukon that they were crazier everywhere else! (I heard some comparisons to crazy Black Friday shopping.) Lilly isn’t really my style so I wasn’t really that disappointed to have only walked away with this little guy:

FullSizeRender (7)


I was in Target again on Tuesday and saw a few things back on the shelves- some nail polish, lipsticks and a few home items (but not the dishes I was most interested in). I picked up this tiny pink polish just because I could!

lilly pulitzer essie polish



2. New Collaborations
If you didn’t score with the latest Target collab, Kohls has got your back. Currently they’ve got a collection by Milly in stores that I’m excited to check out in person:

milly for kohls 2

milly for kohls

milly for kohls 3

 I’m really into this jumpsuit (which Brent will love)! They also just announced their collaboration this fall with Thakoon, so I’ll keep you posted as more information is available.


 3. New newsletter!
I’m going to start a weekly newsletter with sneak peaks of new posts, extra info and special offers just for subscribers! Sign up if you’d like below! This is a different sign up than those of you who get my posts by email. So if you already have signed up for that, you’ll need to sign up again for this! As always, I promise not to fill your inbox with junk and won’t ever sell your address! 
4. Fuller House

fuller house

Unless you’ve been under a rock this week you know Full House is coming back to TV! Know who’s happy about that? THIS GIRL. I may not follow any Kardashians on social media, but you better believe I know what D.J. Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler have been up to over the years (and it involves real life friendship, running half marathons together, being moms and general awesomeness). I also have no shame in admitting I read Stephanie Tanner’s (Jodie Sweetin’s) autobiography a few years back. It also goes without saying that I love the Olsen twins. So yeah, you could say I’m kind of excited.
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

Thrifty Thursday: RumbaTime

April 23, 2015  |  Post by: Jamie  |  Shopping No Comments
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Let’s talk accessories. Better yet, let’s talk accessories that are affordable. Like, actually affordable in a “I don’t have $450 to spend on a watch right now but could swing $45″, affordable. 
I came across this photo in the latest InStyle and the bright blue clutch definitely caught my eye. So did the $20 price tag! I had to learn more.

instyle photo

RumbaTime carries unique and affordable watches (and that clutch!) with collections each named after the NYC locales that inspired the designs. These are really interesting pieces and I’m kind of in love with everything! They’ve got men’s watches too, so check them out for your guys. Take a look at a few of my favorites, then head to their site to see the rest!
Union Gem in Emerald ($45)

emeral union gem


Orchard Gold in Lights Out ($45)

Black orchard gold lights out rumba


Orchard Gloss in Sangria ($45)

Sangria  Orchard Gloss



Tribeca in Snow Patrol Rose Gold ($60)

Snow Patrol Rose Gold Tribeca Rumba


Talk about a statement piece, right?


Chelsea Clutch in Peach ($20)
Peach Chelsea Clutch Rumba
What do you think, are you a fan? 

Wedding Wednesday: Sara & Jared

April 22, 2015  |  Post by: Jamie  |  Weddings No Comments
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I think this wedding series is really fun! I love seeing all the special details people put into their big day! Today’s bride is Sara! Read on to learn more about Sara & Jared’s beautiful spring wedding.


As far as my wedding day style goes, I don’t think I fit into one category, and neither did my wedding ;) I guess you could call it fancy and casual, simple and stunning, or minimal and memorable. Other than our venue, Coles Garden in OKC, every other detail about our special day had a simplistic nature about it.
Our venue was probably the centerpiece of our wedding. Full of stone, iron and rustic wood and then paired with a gorgeous garden for guests to wander through, it was perfect. It fit my love for everything rustic while staying modern but not being over the top.
It’s the little details that really get me. For the ceremony we had two flower arrangements on either side of us with mostly fresh, spring colors. Pinks and orange hues paired with a charcoal gray provided the perfect contrast to the iron and stone venue.



There was some burlap, lace, pearls, and linen throughout the ceremony but it wasn’t the main focus. We used it to help keep the event feeling more casual.
My dress was by far not easy to find. I tried on several different styles, shapes, colors, and textures but nothing felt right. On a whim my mom and I went into a bridal store just for fun and what do you know, I ended up finding the perfect dress. It was a Maggie Sottero cross between an A-line and ball gown. I never thought I would wear a ball gownish, sweetheart neckline dress as my wedding dress but that just goes to show, try on every style, you might just be surprised. I loved the beading around the waist and the buttons on the back that went from the top to the bottom of the train. And it had pockets!

wedding dress


dress detail


The original plan for my bridesmaids was to have them all wear a different style dress but in the same fabric and color. Well, when the time came to pick out their dresses everyone picked the same dress. :) Perfectly fine with me! They each had different hairstyles and picked out their own black heels as well. But to add in a pop of color, they all wore long dangle coral earrings and had coral and pink bouquets.


I really wanted the guys to look sharp and paired an ombre orange tie with their charcoal suits. Since my dress was a bleach, stark white and I didn’t want their shirts to be different we used an off white button down. It gave everything a softer look for pictures. Jared was in a charcoal ombre tie.
My flower girl dress was custom made using the fabric from my shall that came with the dress and A LOT of tulle. I had found the style on Pinterest and just loved it! My flower girl was a little bit older than most (7) so I wanted her to have a puffy dress without looking like a cake topper. It came out perfect!

flower girl

bride flower girl

There were so many small and special details on our wedding day that most people probably didn’t notice them but that’s ok, they weren’t meant to be noticed by all. Wrapped around my flowers was the leftover shall material from my wedding dress. Then pinned to the base of my flowers were three very special lockets for the loved ones who weren’t able to be with us that day. Jared’s cousin and best friend, Kirk Vickery, hung in the middle so he would be standing up there with us. One very special detail of the day is that we held our wedding on Kirk’s birthday with the permission of his parents. My Grandma Mary and Grampy were on the sides of my boutique. The blue ring I wore was my Grandma Mary’s. It’s a Platinum set 4 carat Aqua Marine circled with a halo of diamonds (She always had good taste jewelry :) ) It was my something old, something borrowed and something blue all in one.
My Grandma Jody made both my garters out of vintage lace and did all the beadwork by hand. She also made fabric flowers that were scattered around the reception and on the cake as decoration.
Our cake held two very special gifts from my parents, Swarovski crystal cows, limited edition weddings cows that are just adorable. The wife cow has on a string of pearls and the husband cow has on a bow tie.




We also toasted with vintage looking Dr. Pepper bottles, a token to my husband who drinks it like it’s water. And we also share bites of Angel Food cake, his favorite. Picky eaters get their way, even at weddings hehehe.  :)
 dr pepper
After a night of dancing and fun, we were super surprised to look outside and find golf ball sized hail stones breaking light bulbs, plates and glass wear and dinging up everyone’s cars (sorry!). And we didn’t send out favors for our evenings, we sent everyone home with little “J” to go boxes of wedding cake!



wedding dress 2


after ceremony


bride groom

Flowers: Tony Foss Flowers
Catering: The Catering Connection
Cake: Baked in Moore
Dresses: Pomp & Pageantry
Tuxes: Jan’s 
Photographers: 241 Photography


Thanks, Sara! If you loved her wedding style, leave a comment and let her know!!  And if you’d like to have your wedding featured, see the details here!

Tuesday Tips

April 21, 2015  |  Post by: Jamie  |  Tips and Tricks No Comments
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Haven’t had a Tuesday Tip up in a while, so how about a few of them today? 


1. A super easy makeup tip that will make your routine way easier.

makeup tip



2. ROYGBIV your closet.

roygbiv clothes

Arrange the clothes in your closet by item type and then each section by color. You’ll never go searching for that yellow short sleeve top again.



3. Blenders

beauty blender

Want the coverage of a liquid foundation while keeping a light finish? A beauty blender will give you a more “airbrushed” look. Simply wet the sponge in water, squeeze out excess and dip into foundation (put it on the back of your hand). Blot, blot and blot onto your face until you’ve got even coverage. No cake-y foundation here!
 Hope these tips help you out! Happy Tuesday!



Goodbye Skinnies, Hello Flares

April 20, 2015  |  Post by: Jamie  |  How to Wear, Style No Comments
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Denim’s a funny thing. It’s become such a staple in wardrobes that most people are more attached to their favorite brand than they are to their doctor or dentist. Finding the best jeans for your body that you’ll wear countless times? The ultimate dream. Well, if you dream in fashion. (That’s kind of like dreaming in color, just FYI.)
Denim styles come and go along with other trends but it was still a little surprising to hear that skinny jeans are taking a backseat this year! They’ve been the go-to style for years now and while millions of women are now sighing with relief and pulling their bootcut and flared jeans out of the closet, I know a lot of you are panicking about the thought of having to stash your skinnies for a bit. 
Never fear, I’ll show you how to style your flares and pretty soon those skinny jeans will be a distant memory. (Or, just keep wearing them if you want. If you find a denim style that works for your body, THAT’S THE STYLE YOU SHOULD BE WEARING.) Besides, skinny jeans will be back on top one of these days!

Bye  Bye Skinnies

The feminine details of the earrings and purse are a great contrast to the tougher plaid and denim.  This look is really easy to wear and extra adorable. Plus, the really small flare is great for easing into this trend!

bootcut jeans 1

Shirt // Jeans // Earrings // Bag // Shoes


If your jeans have a flare, try not to overwhelm yourself with too much fabric. Layering works as long as you stay away from items that are really bulky or have too many details (ruffles, layered hems, etc.). 

bootcut jeans 2

Shirt // Sweater // Jeans // Necklace // Bag // Shoes


Another trend big in 2015? All white outfits. And before you freak, look how chic this outfit is! You can do it, I promise.

white flare jeans

Shirt // Jeans // Bracelet// Clutch // Shoes


This denim on denim look might just solve your next “what do I wear?” crisis!

denim flare

Shirt // Jeans // Watch // Bag // Shoes



Think those flares are too casual for Casual Friday? Think again. 

blazer with jeans

Shirt // Jacket // Jeans // Bracelet // Bag // Shoes


What do you think? Ready to store your skinnies for a bit and pull out your bootcut and flared jeans? You can do it!
While you’re here, want to sign up for my brand new newsletter? Currently you can sign up to receive my posts by email (see the “Signup” spot on the right sign up if you’re interested) but this is a separate email that will go out weekly highlighting posts, giving sneak peaks of things to come and lots of fun “extras” just for newsletter subscribers! You can sign up below!

Friday Favorites

April 17, 2015  |  Post by: Jamie  |  Favorites No Comments
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All my favorites this week:
1. Lilly is (almost) here



If you’re a Lilly Pulitzer fan, your new favorite Target collaboration is almost here! And every bit of it screams summertime:

lilly pulitzer jumpsuit


lilly dress


This collection should clearly be worn near swimming pools, at outdoor parties, and on tropical vacations.
2. For you 90’s girls

delias (1)

If you’re over the age of 25 you’re probably familiar with Delia’s. Actually, dELiA’s, if we’re getting technical. I loved their catalog and thought those clothes were so cool. I heard a few months back that the company was closing and it made waves in the fashion world. Everyone loved Delia’s back in the day! Well, good news to you experiencing those waves of nostalgia, Delia’s is coming back as a online boutique, and oddly enough, was purchased by the same company that also owns Alloy (another 90’s throwback). Butterfly hair clips for everyone! #deliasforever
Raise your hand if you wore butterfly hair clips!

Raise your hand if you wore butterfly hair clips!

3. Cheap Beauty Products

elf eyelid primer

And I’m talking $2, cheap. I’ve been seeing different people talk about loving elf eyelid primer lately so I thought I’d better give it a shot! And for $2, I’ll try just about anything. (Don’t hold me to that.) I like other elf products, including these lip crayons I just bought recently:

elf lip crayons


Unlike other eyelid primers I’ve tried, this one goes on completely sheer. It really did a great job of making my eyeshadow color richer looking and stayed put all day! Plus, no mascara smudges!!  I’m a fan! 
 Have a happy Friday and a fantastic weekend!

Coachella Style for Non-Coachella Types

April 16, 2015  |  Post by: Jamie  |  Style 1 Comments
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If you follow social media at all, you might be aware that Coachella is happening right now. And by Coachella, I mean fringe-fest 2015. For real guys, there’s so much fringe it’s crazy. Personally, I’m not a fringe person. Or a bohemian person. Or really, anyone who wears the sort of thing one wears to Coachella. (Good thing I’m too busy and important to be there.) I’ve been scanning some “street style” photos from the festival and actually found a few looks I liked! So, without further ado, looks I would wear to Coachella:

coachella 1 coachella 2 coachella 3 coachella 5 coachella

What can I say, I like my festival looks a little less boho and a little more sophisticated. But that’s just me, what about you?

April Ipsy Glam Bag!

April 15, 2015  |  Post by: Jamie  |  Beauty, Ipsy No Comments
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April’s Ipsy Glam Bag theme is “Beautifully Bohemian”.  And while I typically wouldn’t describe my personal style as bohemian, I’m loving this month’s straw bag! 
april ipsy makeup bag
This month I received: 
april ipsy glam bag
  • Redken Wind Blown 05 Finishing Spray – Weightless volume always sounds nice, right? This is supposed to provide a “wind swept” look with flexible hold. 
  • JulieG Nail Color in Damsel – I’m really into this shade of pink right now, so this is perfect for me! And this polish goes on amazingly! One coat provided full coverage and looks awesome! Plus, it’s supposed to be chip-resistant, so we’ll see!
  • KCO Colors Cream Lipstick in Natural Born Beauty – I haven’t heard of this brand before and I love getting to try new brands in my Ipsy bags! This is gluten, and paraben free and is supposed to protect from “environmental stressors” like wind, dirt and pollution. (Things I don’t really think about affecting my lips, but it makes sense!) This color is a more neutral shade but I think probably looks good on a lot of skintones. It goes on really creamy and doesn’t feel sticky or dry at all!
  • theBalm Cosmetics Mini Nude Dude Eyeshadow in Flirty – I always love a good nude eyeshadow and I received a really gorgeous shimmery brown shade. It looks similar to shades I wear so it will be easy to incorporate into my makeup! Plus, you’ve got to see a closer view of the packaging:

    nude dude eyeshadow

  • Mullein & Sparrow Tinted Lip and Cheek Tint – such pretty packaging and anything in a little tin just feels special! And I love that it’s multi-use item too! These are always great to have in your bag when you need a little touchup, or on those days I leave the house without makeup and then end up running into everyone I know! 
Another great bag! Gets yours here (just $10/month!!)!

Wedding Wednesday: Kelly and Michael

April 14, 2015  |  Post by: Jamie  |  Weddings 2 Comments
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I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I wanted to start featuring some of your weddings! I love to see how different brides display their style through their choice of wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. We’ve got our first bride up today, Kelly! In her words:
Our style was shabby/country chic.
Why: Our roots run deep in the land we farm and ranch; that is where our story was written, and we feel closer to God being out among his creations.
mk wedding 5Pinterest was where I originally ran across backless and keyhole back wedding dresses. I fell in love with the classic lace style, because I have a slight obsession with lace anyway. My dad was browsing the internet for wedding dresses, and found this particular dress. He sent a picture to me and said “This is your dress.” I couldn’t disagree.

MK wedding 2


mk wedding 7Although tradition has it that only the bride wears white, our wedding colors were very neutral (burlap and lace) and I wanted dresses that reflected the same, simple style. I also wanted something that the girls could wear again, and something that would go with boots. I was lucky enough to have a ton of people helping me search for the perfect dresses, and one sent me a photo of these. They actually had the same lace detail that the bottom of my wedding dress did, and they were backless–the best part though? They were on sale, and cost around $20 each. I’ve seen my sister-in-law wear this dress at least twice this month.

mk wedding 11


mk wedding 6


mk wedding 9

mk wedding 14

The heart on my bouquet is made from my grandparents wedding rings, as is my wedding band.

mk wedding 10

The cross behind us, during the ceremony, held pictures of loved ones who had passed away. Michael and I built the cross together, the week before the wedding, and it remains on the hill overlooking the farm we live on.

mk wedding 13


mk wedding 4

mk wedding 12


Thank you to Kelly for sharing her wedding day style with us! Are you a burlap and lace girl like Kelly? If you love her style, leave a comment and let her know! And if you want to have your wedding featured here, visit this link for the info!

1 Item, 5 Ways: Plaid Skirt

April 13, 2015  |  Post by: Jamie  |  Style 1 Comments
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Did you see my post last Thursday on ModCloth? I haven’t been able to stop thinking about one of those skirts! And normally it wouldn’t even really be my style, I’m not big on plaid, but this one has my attention!  For a skirt like this it’s easy to fall into a pattern of wearing it the same way every time you wear it. I thought I’d see if I could come up with a few new ways to style it (and then maybe I’ll buy it!)


ModCloth Parisian Picnic Skirt
This skirt is begging to be worn to a spring wedding or a garden party. (Does anyone actually have garden parties? What is a garden party?) Anyway, you’re bound to find somewhere to wear it! Let’s see if I can style (again) 1 item, 5 ways:


skirt 1

Shirt // Skirt // Necklace //Bag // Shoes
 You just can’t have a bad day wearing this outfit! It’s a little relaxed with the denim, but still super polished.



 skirt 2
Shirt // Skirt // Bracelet // Bag // Shoes
Fantastic for an outdoor wedding, right? Paired with chic accessories, this skirt takes on a sophisticated look.


skirt 3

Shirt // Skirt // Earrings // Clutch // Shoes
I love the pattern of this clutch with this skirt. A nice contrast to the plaid, but it still works!


skirt 4

No shying away from color in this outfit. The floral print top ties everything together!


skirt 5

Top // Skirt // Earrings //Bag // Shoes
This is my favorite outfit I think. I love the mix of the stripes with the plaid, plus that touch of black adds just the right amount of edge.
Which look is your favorite?
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